Sunday, June 11, 2017

February 2017 - Misc

Feb 2017.

Bailey dressed like an old woman for the 100th day of school.

A fun little collage of my little race champ. 

 Megan got a hold of a pink Sharpie while I was cooking in the kitchen and decorated the walls, floor and piano. Andrew and Bailey got some magic erasers and started trying to clean the wall. See Megan in the background?

 Megan took notes from her siblings and tried to clean up her mess too.

A final night with the Wilsons.
 The kids saying goodbye.

 My beautiful friend Felicia.

Megan taking selfies. 

 I loved this animal dress with the purple jacket and some more double binkies.

 Ryan's parents came for a quick visit and joined Andrew for lunch.

 The king and queen of the play ground!

I made this hanging sign for my friend Rose's birthday. She can change the photo, but I loved how the collage and vinyl all turned out! 



We went to Krispy Kreme for donuts and Andrew was so excited he fell asleep.

 We went to a fun couples party and they had a few fun games to play. We played round robin ping pong and for the record, I came in second place for the girls. (Out of maybe 20)

Playing at the park. 

Sometimes Megan comes up to me when I'm at the refrigerator and just stands there with her mouth open like a baby bird. That's her way of asking for whip cream. :) 

 Lunch with Bailey!

The kids wrote "Happy President's Day" on our driveway with chalk and drew an arrow to the tiny flag they put in our yard. 

Cuddles at night are the best!


 Bailey wearing her dancing costume. Megan wearing headphones.

Andrew made a little cuddle space for himself and Megan. Andrew is so good with her. 

I was having a rough day and Andrew made me a letter and put it in an envelope that he made. The envelope said, "Don't be stressed". The letter said, "You can do everything. You are smart and brave. I love you. You can do everything. You have to work and try. I love you." I hung this letter over my computer to remind me of how much my baby boy loves me. It didn't go past me that he said the same things to me that I say to him. Thanks for making my day, Bubba.

 Trying out bikes!

Bath time bubbles and silly faces!
A few selfies because why not? 

The End!